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Claudio D’Onofrio

“I am a motorcyclist with a weakness for sidecars. But i am a musician and a creative guy too, a dreamer with feet on the ground, dealing with media marketing and communication every day. I fell in love with “slow ride” philosofy covering thousands of miles on secondary roads all over Europe, discovering places and people, as well as smells and tastes, that help to slow down and literally stretch your time. Thanks to my ucrainian sidecar and it’s restoration process i carried out myself, i understood that a vintage ride stands for a slow travel, that some very basic mecanic under the tank is strongly linked to that “unexpected” that fills your day and puts travelling, instead of the the finish line, well under the spotlight.”


Marco Carlo Stoppato

Born in 1962, graduated in geology with a thesis on volcanos in Mexico, he started to work as a professional photographer and journalist for magazines in Italy and abroad.  As a reporter he likes to focus on geological and naturalistic matters, but he dealt with almost every possibile topic writing about travels. He was in more than 80 countries, taking pictures and videos for his articles. He published more that 350 reportages, 29 magazine covers and two TV documentaries for Pisa University (“Hawaii Volcanos” and “Volcanic emergency in Ecuador”). He is the founder of “Vulcano Esplorazioni”, a scientific association dealing with research, expeditions, publishing, multimedia products and exhibitions related to geology. As a photographer, he followed the last three editions of Camel Trophy and Donnavventura Raid (official photographer of the year 2000 edition, held in Australia). He is a consultant for Discovery Channel about a documentary dedicated to volcanos, done by Brando Quilici. He worked, or actually cooperates, with many different magazines: Riders,Focus, Newton, Airone, Montebianco, No Limits, Motociclismo, D di Repubblica, Glamour, Vanity Fair, TuttoTurismo, In Viaggio, Gulliver, Quark, Auto in 4×4, Tuttomoto, Runner, Gente e Motori, Ville e Giardini, Bell’Europa, Grazia, ecc. He writes also for magazines in France, Turkey and Australia.





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