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I still remember when the only thing i could legally drive was a bicicle with a cardboard cut , imitating the engine noise hitting the spokes, and my wrist was pushing hard on a fictional throttle. My special “one” was an old and rusty enduro-like bycicle with a pair of suspension taken from my father’s moped, a flame red Garelli.

Few years later, a noisy exhaust was in place to let everyone know i was around on my Caballero 125. And i still remember my deep love for a Yamaha XT 500 tank. None of us would have thrown it away, moving it from one engine to the next one, even if was not fitting well.

The idea to recycle and reuse all the possible parts has been always in my mind. Then, “normal” life overcomes. The wakeup is rude: old and rusty motorbikes are not to be scraped anymore. Now it’s “vintage time”. We like that vintage, we like bikes with multiple personalities. We like to see something new born out of an old Enfield frame from the 40’s, we love to see how that old hand-made aluminium tank can fit just next to this Triumph’s headlight. Then, just rest and listen to that funky music coming out loud from an aged engine.

Passion for old motorcycles is back and fascination for uncomfortable travels never faded away.

Mix and add two friends burning for the same things, and “vintage riders” is born. A lot of ideas, balancing on two old wheels.


Hundreds of thousands kilometers driven almost everywhere on the globe, hundreds of trips organized for most important magazines, hundreds of photo reports born on two wheels, travels planned having the entire planisphere in mind, real adventures lived in the last 20 years, links and connections all over the World: this is our business card.

And that’s for real.

Straight from our huge esperience about travelling on two wheels, Vintage Riders Association was born. Forget about running from Milan to Cape North and return in one week or the huge collection of stickers on your whatever-proof side bags just to point a pin on a card, or mere listing of mountain passes and bend driven to get on the top.

Our trips are committed to let you enjoy every single kilometer, every beautyful landscape crossed, every loose bend surpassed.


Secondary roads, secret places, arts and colture masterpieces, real people and genuine food are the basics of each and every tour we run.

Well organized and with full support, but still “real” under every aspect: a deep breath of Italy and it’s unbeatable welcoming along with all other well known excellences.

A particular attention for women motorcyclists, with a set of easy and light dedicated rides. All done on our vintage and “special” bikes, owned by Vintage Riders Association.


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