VR way of life

In our mind, travelling has nothing to do with clocking up tons of miles. Instead, we prefer to run at a very relaxed pace, with a huge orizon to stare at in front of us and spare time to enjoy each and every surprise on our route.

We will trace our itinerary on a map, but we will ride with our minds, eyes and spirit wide open. On the very last mile, we’d love to find out we’ve become friends, because we do strongly believe that

“people don’t take trips… trips take people” (John Steinbeck).

We will move slowly on our vintage rides, almost always on secondary roads. We will have time to take a picture, to visit an ancient villa or a hidden museum, to meet an old artisan or drink some (little..) wine in a hundreds-years-old cellar facing some italian ham and cheese.

We will cross mountains and hills, skirting lakes and woods, bordering arts and history in a long row of beautyful roads; our mind will literally slow down so that

“traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” (Ibn Battuta).

Our trips are for curious people and nostalgic travellers.


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